Personal & Professional Empowerment Program

Re-Entry Program

About PPEP

The PPEP program is a comprehensive reentry program designed to enable ex-offenders to successfully reenter society and begin making positive and progressive changes in their lives. Successful completion of the program should result in gainful employment, increased self-esteem, and the ability to interact with and influence others in a positive and synergistic way.

The program consists of four (4) primary modules that address self-discovery, attitudinal awareness, job readiness development, and reentry mentoring.


Intrinsic Phase

Participants are challenged to explore their vulnerabilities.    


Extrinsic Phase

Participants will learn how to effectively communicate in order to develop better relationships. 


Professional & Job readiness Phase

Mentorship is provided 


Mentoring and Job placement Phase

Much of what troubles the alcoholic or addict is the inability to resolve internal conflicts in a  healthy manner. Thus, it is important for the development of a deeper awareness of self. The program will engage participants in a deeply experiential way. We start by building an environment of openness and trust. It is important for participants to feel comfortable with expressing themselves honestly. We explore core values, conflicts, motivations, and emotions. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where a greater understanding and acceptance of self may be achieved. During the intrinsic phase, the participant will be challenged to find out what makes her tick. 

In order to be effective in society and business, one needs to be able to interact and influence others in a healthy and productive way. This applies to personal relationships, job interviews and performance, customer service, business negotiations, and even interacting with the legal system. In the extrinsic phase, the participant will learn how to develop effective communication skills. This will include understanding the importance of listening and effective techniques such as “I messages”. Most importantly, we emphasize the importance of  interacting with others so that each party is left feeling positive about themselves. Once the  participant develops a keen awareness of self and others, she will be ready to move on to job  and employment preparation where the skills learned can be refined and developed for the  job market. 

During the Mentoring and Job placement phase, we provide the participant with mentors to  address the myriad needs of an ex-offender. When an ex-offender is released from a period of incarceration, there are no existing resources to date to assist him or she with the smallest  considerations, which those in society typically take for granted. This is especially so if the ex-offender has spent many years incarcerated. This will include, remedial training (such as  ESL, Math tutoring, Internet and computer training money management, and other services offered by local community services).  

Patterns and resources change quickly over time and the newly released inmate often has  difficulty making the adjustment to the simplest tasks in what has become a whole new world.  In which case, our mentors will be available to assist and accompany them to apply for jobs,  food stamps, health care etc. An inability to negotiate through a rapidly changing society is indeed a trigger for the ex-offender/addict. Thus, such a resource is critical to the success of the participant, not only in finding employment but also in the ability to maintain it.

Benefits of PPEP

The mentorship component of the program will assist the participant, not only in the transition  into society, but also in a transition away from the judicial system. Our counselors will act as agents to facilitate the successful completion of parole conditions or probation by working with the courts at the participant’s approval.The trainers and mentors will include ex-offenders who have emerged from incarceration to lead productive and sober lives. We believe that those who have suffered and overcome are  the best mentors and teachers to those facing the myriad challenges faced upon their release  from incarceration and addiction. Effective mentorship will be integral to this effort.


Further, InnerVision’s PPEP certification will assist with an ex-offender’s: